3 attributes all martial arts instructors should possess

February 21, 2014

Martial arts instructors need to have a true passion.

Thirty-two percent of more than 2,200 respondents to an online by Harris Poll conducted on behalf of CareerBuilder revealed today’s companies are having problems retaining top talent. If martial arts school owners don’t want to be a part of that statistic, they have to know how to construct their workforce. While school management software can lead to higher levels of employee happiness, it isn’t easy to hold onto instructors who have aspirations of starting their own businesses.

Staff members are always going to come and go, but martial arts school owners can decrease employee turnover if they understand what to look for in instructors. Below is a list from Entrepreneur magazine that demonstrates some of the attributes in the employees you want to keep for years to come:

Prideful in their work
Many martial arts experts will become instructors because they have a passion for Karate, Tae Kwon Do or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. While they may not be able to compete anymore, it is a way to for them to still be involved with something they love. These are the types of people martial arts school owners should look to hire at their business. Not only are they prideful in their work, but they also will want to ensure their students have the same pride in their martial arts education.

Possessing a tireless work ethic
Some martial arts instructors can get frustrated, especially when they are teaching young students. Martial arts school owners want employees who are willing to rise above their stress levels and dedicate themselves to giving each student the opportunity to prosper in their training. Whether a student needs personal attention before or after class, or they learn more effectively with tough love, instructors should be aware of this and willing to accommodate every member of their classes.

Have high levels of integrity
Young students will often take a lot from their teachers. This is why martial arts school owners have to invest in team members who are good role models. It may be difficult to judge integrity right away, but it will be a little but easier after spending some time teaching a class. The instructors who possess strong moral principles will be able to handle any situation, while those who are easily rattled will struggle to lead all of their students. Hiring workers who possess integrity is often underrated, but can pay large dividends.