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An action-packed infographic displays health fact benefits from different martial arts styles.

Health Benefits of Martial Arts Styles

There are many martial arts disciplines across the world, and each one provides its own set of unique benefits for…

Kicksite facebook infographic

Facebook guides parents to fun afterschool activities for children

Facebook has grown exponentially since its creation in 2004 and has changed in the process. When it kicked off over…

kicksite simplicity infographic

Simplify your business with the right tools

When running a martial arts school, there’s a lot to think about off the mat. Managing attendance, coordinating effective outreach…

Kicksite consistent customer comunication info graphic

The Importance of Consistent Customer Communication

One of the components of any successful business is effective communication. This involves decision-makers and other organizational leaders keeping staff…

Kicksite martial arts software infographic

Which side are you on?

The key to running any successful business is streamlining daily tasks and thus avoiding any extra work. A martial arts…

kicksite martial arts software efficiency graphic

Why martial arts school owners should focus on efficiency

Business owners benefit significantly when they prioritize efficiency. With a more efficient business model, owners save time and money and…

kicksite benefits of martial arts for kids

Allow children to experience the benefits of martial arts

Your young child is looking for a fun way to exercise, but isn’t interested in some of the more traditional…