Plan and Billing Information

April 16, 2019

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This page allows you to adjust your Kicksite plan as well as see your Kicksite payment history and update your card on file.


To access Account Billing information:

  1. From the dashboard, click your username, and then scroll down to Account Billing and click.

If you are in another part of Kicksite:


  1. Hover over Settings and click on Plan and Billing Information at the bottom of the menu

Plan Information

  • This explains your current Kicksite plan and you may adjust it as necessary.
  • The Kicksite Plans are based on the active plus frozen students in your system and are as follows:

Starter Plan: 0-50 students $49/month

Plus Plan: 51-100 students $99/month

Premium: 101+ students $149/month

Billing Information

  • If you upgrade or downgrade you’ll be charged the new rate for your new plan starting on your next billing cycle
  • Once you have added enough students into Kicksite to reach the next level, the system will prompt you to upgrade your plan
  • You can view or update the card you have on file on this page

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