Creating Message Flows

April 16, 2019

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Message Flows are a functional, stepped communication program that allows a studio to structure communications for prospects.

To go to Message Flows

  1. Click on Communications.
  2. Click the Messages menu and click Message Flows.

To create a Message Flow

1. Click the Messages menu and click New Message Flow.

2. In the Name field, type a name for the Message Flow.

3. In the Description field, give the Message Flow a brief description.

4. In the Audience field, choose your audience.

  • After the prospect graduates to the Appointment stage, he or she will no longer receive messages for a lead.
  • The same is true when a prospect becomes a trial student; they will no longer receive messages about scheduling an appointment with the studio.
  • Any Message Flows with Lead selected will go to all leads unless you apply a filter.

To edit the Message Flow

After a Message Flow is created, it will show on the screen as a summary.

1. The message flow can be edited by clicking on the Edit link to the far right (not shown).

2. To add a step to the Message Flow, click on Add a Step; the screen below appears.

3. Enter the title of the Message Flow int he Step Title field.

4. Enter the subject of the Message Flow in the Subject field.

5. Enter the stages based on when they will be sent out:

  • Send Immediately
  • Schedule for Later

  • The message can be sent via SMS or email.
  • Each step can be set up differently, including the method of delivery.
  • If the message is an email, you can send an attachment to the prospect.

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