Creating a Trial Membership Signup Form

April 17, 2019

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Profit Centers is a tool within Kicksite that will allow your prospect to purchase trial memberships online

How to create a Trial Membership Template:

1. Click on Biz-Builders at the top left hand side

2. Hover over the trial memberships tab and click on “New Template

3. Add the name of the Trial Membership

4. Add a description of the type of Trial Membership you are offering

5. Put in the price amount of the Trial Membership

6. Set the Trial Start Criteria:

  • When Trial is created
  • On first attendance
  • Date set in Biz-Builder

7. Set the Trial length in days

8. Set the Attendance limit (number of attendances)

To Create A Trial Membership

1. Hover over Forms

2. Click on New Form

3. Fill out the following information:

  • Title name
  • Description of the particular profit plan
  • Start and end date

4. Select Prospect in the “Store Submission as” drop down

5. Click Add A Trial Membership under the Profit items tab

6. If you would like to add another membership, click the “Add Another” button listed below

7. Click on the Payment tab listed in between Profit items and Confirmation

8. Choose whether you want to allow your prospects to:

  • pay online
  • pay through an invoice in person
  • or neither (if the item in the profit plan is free)

9. To set up your Confirmation Communication, You are going to clicking on the Confirmationtab

10. For the Confirmation Message, you will choose whether you want to show a message once the Prospect submits, or if you want to redirect them to another Landing page

11. After you have selected your preferred confirmation message, you will set-up the confirmation email that will be sent to the prospect after they click submit

  • The confirmation email could include additional information that the prospect will find useful before their first trial class

12. When you have completed all three sections of the profit plan, you are now ready to click Saveat the bottom of the page

13. After you click save, you will be redirected back to the profit center dashboard where you should see your newly created profit plan at the top of the page

  • *Note*: If your profit plan is white, then your plan is active but if your profit plan is yellow, then your plan is inactive or “not currently taking submission”

To activate your Profit Plan

1. Make sure the start and end date are current or future dates

To look at the Landing Page

  • When you click on “view landing page,” you will be able to see exactly what your prospects will see when purchasing their trial
  • At the top of the landing page, anything that you decided to put in the description with show up
    • For example, in the following profit plan we chose to include our logo at the top

  • If you continue to scroll, you will see where the prospect will enter in all of their information and select a trial membership
  • When the the prospect clicks their preferred membership, you will notice the shopping cart will auto-populate with the price to the right of the screen

To start selling your Trial Membership

  1. To post your land page on any social media platform or website, you will copy the URL at the top of the page and paste it in your desired location
  • You will see that the URL is unique for your school

Way to go! You have now completed the creation of your first profit plan. Read More

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