Adding a Punch-card Membership

April 16, 2019

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Kicksite makes it very easy to manage all of the memberships you offer. This includes both traditional and punch-card membership.

A Punch-card membership is when you have a membership that is based off of attandances. For example, if you offer a package for 10 private lessons, you can add a membership to the student to match the package for simple tracking.

How to Add a Punch-card Membership:

1. Go to the Student’s profile

2. Select the Memberships tab

3. Click on Add School Membership

4. From the dropdown, choose the membership that you would like to add to the student

5. Under the Kind of membership, select “Attendance

6. This membership will be attached to a specific program so the next step is to select that program

  • Any attendances for this program will be counted towards the new membership

7. Select to total attendances for this new membership

*Note: This will determine for how many attendances this membership will be active

8. Click “Add MembershipRead More

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