Kicksite Websites

Timeline to get started?

-Set-up usually takes about 2 weeks from when you get the build data to us. Please anticipate another week or two after that for edits. Once the site is ready to go live, it usually takes 48-72 hours to send it live.


If I switch, can my website look the same as it does now?

-We can keep the layout of content the same, but you will have to select one of our pre-made templates as a guide.


If I select from templates, how many do I have to choose from?

-We have 1 new and improved template, but are looking to expand our template library. We encourage you to send us websites you like and we will take these into consideration when building our next template option.


Is this the only way my website can integrate with my Kicksite account?

-This is the only way it can with ease. You are able to set up lead campaigns and Profit Plans on any website, but you will still need to have someone update and customize the CSS/HTML.


Where will my website be hosted?

-The websites are hosted on FlyWheel. Hosting fees are included in your monthly subscription rates.


One Time Set Up Fee = $199/Recurring Monthly Fee = $149

Includes the following:

Design & Setup of Your Site/Responsive Template/Personalized Branding Integration/Search Engine Optimization

7 Pages of Content, Optimized for Search/Integration with Prospect and Student Portal


Ability to Pay for Trial Memberships, Merchandise, and other school activities through site

Lead Forms/Email Automation/Local Listing Setup/Analytics Tracking/Website Training/No Contract or Commitments/Hosting Fees/Ongoing Support/Weekly Updates to the back end of the site to ensure it is functioning correctly and secure


Let us manage your online presence,

and offer more peace of mind.