Here is what we do next.

-Set-up usually takes about 2 weeks from when you get the build data to us. Please anticipate another week or two after that for edits. Once the site is ready to go live, it usually takes 48-72 hours to send it live.

What are we doing in the next 2 weeks?

-Document old site pages
-Document new site pages
-Redirect appropriate old site pages to new site pages
-Document all Google indexed site pages
-Analyze indexed pages
-Add appropriate indexed pages to redirect file
-Ensure forced https redirect is in place
-Update SSL Certificate and implement

Ability to Pay for Trial Memberships, Merchandise, and other school activities through site

-Lead Forms/Email Automation/Local Listing Setup/Analytics Tracking/Website Training/No Contract or Commitments/Hosting Fees/Ongoing Support/Weekly Updates to the back end of the site to ensure it is functioning correctly and secure


You have just Kickstarted your website!

Here is what you do next:

  • Please reach out to give us your Registrar Information with Username and Password. (delivered separately)
    • Your registrar is the place that you registered and purchased your domain name (the URL of your school). Examples are GoDaddy, Wix, Bluehost, Homestead
  • Please send us information on any current specials you want represented on your website.
  • Send us any high resolution imagery you have so that we can incorporate these into the site to create an accurate digital representation of your school.
  • Code for your Google Analytics if you have it and would like to continue using the same data.
  • Any social media sources you want linked to the site.