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Teaching children martial arts: Part 2

Teaching children martial arts: Part 2 [Video]

There's a good chance that younger kids in your class will have more energy than you!

Teaching children martial arts: Part 3

Teaching children martial arts: Part 3 [Video]

Something that frustrates many martial arts instructors teaching kids for the first time is that it can be tough to get them to focus.

Teaching children martial arts: Part 1

Teaching children martial arts: Part 1 [Video]

Like most other subjects, teaching martial arts to children is a bit different than teaching the craft to adults.

Martial arts instructor demonstrates stance for student.

Tips for new instructors: Constructive criticism [Video]

A good martial arts instructor needs to know how to inform students of how they're doing in a constructive manner.

Two students cary notebooks on their way to class.

Tips for new instructors: Always keep learning [Video]

There should never be a point in your life in which you stop trying to learn. This is especially true when it comes to your martial arts education.

Young student smiles with her instructor.

Tips for new instructors: Get to know your students [Video]

One of the most valuable things that an instructor can do, especially in martial arts, is get to know his or her students on a personal level. 

Young martial artist concentrates as he stretches in class.

Tips for new instructors: Patience [Video]

Watching your martial arts students learn and grow is an incredibly rewarding experience.

A young girl sits calmly on a blanket in the grass as she meditates with closed eyes and pressed palms.

Meditation for martial artists [Video]

Martial arts and meditation go hand in hand.

An adult takes time to stretch in front of the ocean before continuing his workout.

Safe stretching practices [Video]

Flexibility can be the difference between a perfectly executed move and a practice-halting injury.

Several martial arts belts of all different colors are stacked in order on a wooden table.

Keeping track of martial arts students’ progress [Video]

By defining training benchmarks and utilizing management tools, you can keep track of your students' pacing.

A room full of young martial arts students run drills during class.

Using drills effectively [Video]

How can you use drills effectively? Here are some martial-arts instruction tips.