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Who is the most valuable person in your martial arts school?

You are.

We want to treat you like the MVP you are. Watch a brief overview video of Kicksite’s key features, or request an interactive tour of Kicksite today!

Kicksite’s 3-Step MVP Process:

Mutual Assessment

We want to know about your needs as much as you want to know about our service.

Step 1 of the MVP Process allows us to answer your questions and determine if Kicksite is the right fit.

Visionary Consult

You have a vision for your business. Kicksite is here to help you get there.

Step 2 of the MVP Process is about understanding your goals and customizing your Kicksite account ina way that serves you immediately, but also positions you to fulfill the future you’ve envisioned.

Private Lesson

There’s nothing more valuable than a private lesson between a student and their instructor.

Step 3 of the MVP Process provides the same one-on-one time between you and a Kicksite expert. Our team is here with unlimited support to guide you and your entire staff to success!

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